Review: Hightowers – Bayern2’s Montagsdemo

Posted on Nov 5, 2013

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Happy Monday for Hightowers

On Monday, November 4, Bavarian radio station Bayern2’s Zündfunk show put our song ‘Hightowers’ to the test in the Montagsdemo segment – and we’re pleased to say that the panel of music industry identities gave it an aggregate score of 31.5 out of 40 – cracking the reputedly hard-to-breach 30-point barrier.

For those of you who, for whatever strange reason, weren’t listening to Bayern2 on Monday night, you can check out the show here (the song starts at about 21:50, with the reviews after that). Non-German speakers: just enjoy the song!

Hightowers is also (allegedly) available to stream on the Montagsdemo page of Zündfunk’s website for the next week. We haven’t been able to find it there, but if you do, congratulations and please let us know!

Big thanks to Zündfunk host Achim Bogdahn and his panel for the props!